Battle Of The Fittest

How The Battle Of The Fittest Works:

The Process
Athletes will have 2 weeks

Athletes will have 10 days to submit their scores.

Unlimited Attempts

Athletes will be required to post their workout videos on instagram. 1min video showing all movements. Powerlifters and Weightlifters too.
Please tag @shivohamofficial, #thebattleofthefittest & along with the unique instagram hashtag avaliable in your account
(THIS IS MANDATORY) for me to see form and make final judgment.

Super Athlete

This time we are planning to certify certain boxes as a certified box for the shivfit battle of the fittest competition. This is for judging and validation purpose. Athletes will come to these boxes an compete for the qualifying. For those not competing at these boxes please take your video of the workout incase you are asked to submit it.


There are a few gyms which are selected as SBOTF gyms. If you workout at these gyms you dont need to submit a video how ever you will still have to record your video incase we ask for it. If you are not working out at the selected gyms then you will have to send us your video by the deadline date.

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"The battle of the fittest" is a fitness competition and the aim of this competition is to find the one person who can be labeled as the fittest man and woman across the nation. This is a platform for athletes and the regular people to come and prove themselves in front of the nation. Read more


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